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January 27, 2010 nashelybby

So being in Seattle has been hectic so far! I was a little bum till last thursday due to getting acquianted (spell check??) and waiting for my desk and computer set up at my office job. I went and bought homey stuff to get settled into my new area. I have really loved it out here. I’m still trying to get used to the weather but its actually not that bad and the sun has come up a little. This weekend some of my other cousins kids came and it was nice. We went to a gift show which is the ultimate for shoppers. All I bought was a necklace that I hand picked all the little charms and they put it together for me. We still haven’t tried making menudo but when we do I want to post pictures and such. I’m pretty sure it will be funny ! I miss home but I like it here. One of my uncles is very sick so its hard to be away when everyone is worrying about him.
So I’m sure someone has heard that another survivor in haiti has been found in the rubble yesterday. They don’t know if he is from the initial quake or an aftershock. All of that is very sad and when I watch the news I have to look away sometimes. I bought a shirt that will give proceeds to haiti but I feel like I should do more. One of my cousins will be down there in about a week to help clean up. Its horrible to hear people on the news talk about their family members that are still missing. So here’s to a prayer in haiti.


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