tamales & chocolatito :)

Soooo, Christmas Eve my family was asking me if i was going to miss the food while I  was eating my tamales.  I said of course, but I dont get to eat tamales other than during Navidad.  :p

This morning I woke up to warm chocolate and put some tamales on the comal. yuuuum. The best way to eat these is on the comal a little “doraditos”.  The best breakfast.  I am almost around everytime my family makes them, but I never really paid attention to the exact way.  I was always given a spoon and some masa to spread.  On a count of my night shifts I didnt wake up this Christmas Eve to help out but I’m sure I will get a chance by New Years. 

So last night, I decided to start packing and did about 7 tops and gave up.  This packing business will not work.  I’ve never moved out.  Just from room to room.  It’ll get done soon.  Today my mom is taking me shopping to find a coat.  Living in South Texas, I’ve never had a winter coat.  So this will be my first.  AAhhh I’m so excited about this move ….

I’ll leave you with some photos of my breakfast.  Tamales were the reason I’ve been working on losing weight the last 2 months haha.  Oh yeah, my one way plane ticket was made for Jan. 12th!!

I need to get to packing…

(Pics never got added because I can’t upload them from my blackberry for some reason.)


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Okay, so i’m new to this blog thing …

So about five days ago, I decided to up and leave my hometown in South Texas for a new life in Seattle.  I’ll be living with a cousin and have other cousins living there also.  The longest time I have been in Seattle has been a little over5 hours when we visited back in the early 2000’s. 

Seattle is a beautiful city.  I can’t wait to get off my flight and breath in the fresh air.  The valley is just so hot and dusty.  Believe me I would rather be hot than cold, I love to wear summer clothing and have sandals on almost all year long.   Thats ok for this area.  Sometimes I play like it’s cold here and buy a pair of warm snow boots because i will really need those.  (It’s snowed here once in the last 100 years or so)

Now, this change kind of came from seeing a lot of people move on with their lives and maybe I was jealous so I wanted to do my own thing.  Maybe it was just a coincidence that fate led me to this exciting trip.  I am an only child and will miss my parents so much.  They mean the world to me and I never would want to let them down.  But I also don’t want to stay in the valley forever and wish when i’m older that I should have at least tried leaving when I had the chance.

My mom agrees with me on this point.  When she and my dad got married they moved to San Antonio for a few years and she went throught a time that she moved back and forth.  Well it turns out she didn’t like it and said she’d be here waiting for him.  Now, I’m not married or anywhere near it but I also don’t want to settle around. 

Anyways, back to the blog thing : I love reading random blogs.  Sometimes i’ll google a word and find these blogs.  So these blogs made me very interested in writing for myself.  Blogging about my experiences leaving the nest, or shall i say “cutting the cord from my mom” lol, will probably help me out.  I know some days i’ll be on the verge of crying because of my missed friends, family, and familiar things.  But i’d like to try to make it work.  I also want to compare the Valley to Seattle and the cultural differences from my Mexican family lifestyle to the one in Seattle. 

Of course i’ll want to let my friends know about cool things I see around … 🙂

Well thats my blog and i guess that is it for now.

oh yeah, thanks to joey for helping me brainstorm on my blog name haha

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