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shopping woes …

So the store I work at look likes crap.

Seriously, all the holiday shopping has turned the store into depleted madness.  And it takes forever to clean up !!Even with it being a few days after christmas, the shoppers have not stopped as forecasted.   I love to shop and i’m more than thrilled to buy things I need for my big move.  BUUUTTT, I am in need of clothes for cold weather.  Something, Anything to warm me up in the Washington weather.  EVERY store is full of crap that I don’t need.  And it’s all mixed up.  The sweater I want is either in a XXL or an XS.  No thanks!!

So, if your from the Valley you are familiar with the families from deeep Mexico that are here during their winter break to stock up on a years worth of Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, Victoria’s Secret, Gap and everything else.  Sometimes they go home and sell it for triple the amount they paid for it.  I saw a graphic tee that was marked $780 pesos and it sold for $19.50.  There are even tour buses that bring people on a tour that goes to La Plaza Mall and the Outlets in Mercedes.  And ok, my family is Mexican and they come and buy like the others.  But some of these people are ruuuuude! and lets say i’m folding millions of shirts.  Theres a stack of folded t’s and messed up t’s and the take one from the middle of my nice stack and mess up the whole stack when they could have just opened a previously messed up T!! lol common sense people!  This is the reason I love working at night while customers are gone 🙂

So no warm and cozy clothes buying for me …

On the other hand, Texas’ economy has boomed lol

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